Our Story

The biggest influence in Taye’s life that led her to owning and operating a network of positive health spaces by her mid-twenties has always been her grandfather, Reginald. He lived by the simple creed “It’s a beautiful life.” His appreciation for life empowered and inspired everyone around him to be present, enjoy every moment, and be confident in who we are.

REGINALD Beauty is about living your most beautiful life, letting your natural glow shine through and enhancing your real skin.

The desire to birth this brand was to create a product for the ambitious. After tirelessly searching for a product that was effortless, transfer free and aromatically arousing - she called the expert to the table, Jamie. Over 15 years of working with some of the largest beauty brands in the world realizing the traditional beauty industry is broken. A change needed to be made.

Partnering their strengths; they decided to bring the need to life. After spending the last two years formulating what is now Radiance by REGINALD Beauty - a sunless tan mist that breaks beauty norms and has you boldly making moves in your own skin. 

Taye Landry; the visionary 
Jamie Lo; the expert
Quinn Densmore; the driver

REGINALD; the revolution. x